Team rules

The team has a few basic rules:

Athletes will attend all scheduled practices and meets.

Athletes will arrive at all practices/meets on time and ready to train, and participate in the entire practice or meet

Athletes will follow all orders and directions of the coaches.

Athletes will treat all team members (and all fellow students/athletes) with dignity and respect.

Lettering will be determined by the coaches.

Attendance Policy

Athletes are expected to attend all scheduled practices and meets, and be present for the entire practice or meet. Athletes are expected to make a commitment to being a part of the team, and must attend all practices to achieve the maximum training benefit. They are also expected to attend all meets in which they are eligible to compete, since competing is the goal of the training program.

The coaching staff should not start any practice wondering why some athletes are absent. Athletes who must miss practice or a meet are required to let Coach Sandy know of the absence prior to the absence (including absences due to illness). This notification should be done through a Remind text. Hand-written or verbal notification is not sufficient for notifying Coach Sandy. Any absence for which Coach Sandy is not notified prior to the absence will be counted as an unexcused absence, regardless of the reason for the absence. Athletes should also let their event area coach know of any planned absences prior to that absence; the event area coach will designate how he/she prefers to be notified of planned absences.

Excused Absences

The following is a list of excused absences:

Unexcused Absences

The following is a list of unexcused absences:

Consequences (other than skipping practice)

Practice and Meet Participation Policy

Athletes are expected to arrive to practice on time. Every minute of practice is planned for by the event area coach, and every event planned for practice has a specific training purpose. Late arrivals and early dismissals negatively impact the event area coach’s ability to effectively train the athletes. Late arrivals and/or early dismissals should be avoided if at all possible. If you know you will be late to practice, you must let Coach Sandy know via Remind text (preferred) that you will be late, including the reason. If the late arrival is pre-planned, you should also inform your event area coach ahead of time.

Excused Late Arrivals

The following are considered excused arrivals:

Athletes should change prior to the reason above so they can arrive ready to practice (unless different attire is required). If at a meeting, the athlete should leave early from the meeting in time to arrive at practice, ready to train, by the time their event area warm-up is completed.

Unexcused Late Arrivals

The following are considered unexcused late arrivals:

Excused Early Departures

The only excusable early departure is one that has been pre-arranged with Coach Sandy, and he has approved it. Possibilities are too varied to list.

Unexcused Early Departures

The following are considered unexcused early departures:


Same as those for unexcused absences.

Meet Attendance

Athletes will attend the entire meet unless otherwise approved by Coach Sandy. Athletes may not be required to attend a meet in which they are not participating due to bus limitations; those athletes will be informed ahead of time. Athletes not riding the bus home from a meet must get approval from Mr. Woshner prior to the meet. Mr. Woshner will only grant this permission once per season.