In-person practice

Students should attend every practice regardless of which day they go to school. Mandatory practices start April 12 and will be held every weekday from 3:00-5:00 PM. Some Saturday practices may also be scheduled. Athletes are expected to attend ALL PRACTICES FOR THEIR EVENT AREA IN ORDER TO COMPETE.

Starting April 12 practice will be held every weekday from 3-5 P.M.

Changing for Practice

You will be issued lockers and locks down in the Field House, and you will change down there every day for practice. The Field House will not be unlocked during the day (no one will be down there).

Outside Practice

We will be practicing outside. You will need to dress appropriately every day. Check the weather report before you pack your bag each day to see what the temperature will be, then ensure you have packed adequate clothes for the temperatures. Wear plenty of layers, including head covering and gloves, when the temperatures drop below 50 degrees. You may be able to remove some layers during your workout, but you need to be prepared to put them back on when done with your workout. If an athlete’s event area coach determines an athlete is under-dressed for the weather, that athlete will be sent home, and it will count as a missed practice for discipline purposes. It’s better to over-dress and be able to take layers off than to under-dress and miss a practice.

Each event area coach will determine whether or not he/she will hold practice that day based on the temperature, conditions, and what can be accomplished at practice that day. Any cancellations will be announced prior to school letting out and athletes and parents will be notified if practice is canceled using a Remind text message. It will also be announced on afternoon announcements. If there is snow on the track/circles/ runways, practice will be limited to running in the main building, strength and core conditioning. Practice may be shortened on those days; that call will be made that day, and athletes will be notified and given the opportunity to notify rides of any changes in plans.